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Our mission is one liner-“Your Next will always be the Best”, with RCS the only one way to look at is forward. It is a simple work culture, work for reaching perfection, work for greater achievements and work for bringing applause.

AcSoft: Accounting Software

AcSoft is a professional Accounting software design to be used in Windows Operating system that allows the user to track incoming and outgoing cash flow both receipt and payments in and out the organisation. It allows the user to create journal entries and generate standard report for cashbook and Receipt and Payment accounts. AcSoft is a server base application with MySql as its core database.


IT Consultancy

We offers you a wide range of services in IT Consultancy.. Bussiness IT Design, Planning, Expert Advice...

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IT Development

We provide both desktop based and web based customized software solution for our clients...

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Xperience Meghalaya

Xplore and Xperience Meghalaya in one of our private tours....

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