Umiam Lake

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Located at Umiam, eighteen kilometres before reaching Shillong, alongside the Guwahati-Shillong Road (NH-40). It consists of the Orchid Lake Resort and the Nehru Park. This majestic lake with its surrounding sylvan hills clothed in the beauty of the myriad emerald green Khasi-pines and the azure blue skies reflecting from its clear water, have a hypnotising effect not only on casual visitors but upon all who can effort the luxury of unfolding themselves in its idyllic setting.The Orchid Lake Resort offers decent accommodation besides local, Continental and Chinese cuisines.The adjoining Nehru Park has a towering statue of Jawaharlalji surrounded by endless kilometres of walks which takes a visitor up hill and down dale, till one is content. The ‘walks’ have been beautifully planned out and are shaded with assortments of extensive plantations, hedges, ferns, and other creeping foliage. Tastefully lighted and interspersed with well designed shades and shelters. Nehru Park provides seekers of nature relaxation and all that one could normally desire.

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