Terms & Conditions

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General Terms & Conditions

  1. We shall not be responsible for the loss of personal belongings (such as digital camera, camcorder, mobile phones, wallets etc.) of yours and your family during the tour.
  2. We shall not be accounted for any accidents during the tour; however we shall take all the necessary precautions to avert such incidents.
  3. If you have booked for any tour package with us we expect to be paid in advance if it involves pickup from airport/train station/bus stop.
  4. If cancellation is done 3 Days prior to the date of commencement of tour 50% of the amount shall be refunded.
  5. No refund of charges if cancellation is done later than what is mentioned in point no.4
  6. This package scheme is intended for tourism purposes which include family and children; henceforth we shall not entertain consumption of alcohol during the tour.
  7. But point no 6 does not bar any individual to consumption of alcoholic beverages during the stay in Hotels or Guest Houses if he/she may consume.
  8. For the case of adventure touring purposes we will not be providing any gears for rock climbing, water rafting, camping cave diving gears etc. You have to bring it along or can hire it from the local dealers here.
  9. All travellers are suppose to provide a valid identity proof before any tour.
Design Your own Package-Terms & Condition

  1. The tour is for one day,agreeing to the general Terms & Conditions.
  2. Maximum place of interest to visit is four provided the final decision will be made by us.
  3. Choose your place of interest from the tour packages and Contact us.

  1. As our tour package involves scenic beauties, view points for thunderous waterfalls, we would advise you to wear comfortable clothes and good footwear, ladies may avoid heels during the tours to spots. You may wear snickers instead.
  2. Temperature is moderate during summers and chilling cold during winters so we would advise you to carry some warm clothes such as sweaters, jackets, shawls etc.
  3. Take care of your belongings and children during the tour. Most of the spots involve a little walk make sure to be all together.
  4. Always be with our guide, if any doubts or question feel free to ask him/her.

  1. Do not litter in the spots. Dumping of any kind of garbage will not be entertained.
  2. Do not wander around the sights without the prior consent of our guide.
  3. Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the tour.
  4. Do not create nuisance in the spots of attraction.

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