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Climate of Meghalaya
The four seasons of Meghalaya are: Spring - March and April, Summer (Monsoon) - May to September, Autumn -October and November and Winter - December to February.

Travel during Summer
Summer is hot but beareable temperature ranges from 16 to 26 degree centigrade approximately. The humidity is quite warm and not dry comparing to other states. Summer season started from May-September with the average annual rainfall of about 1,150 cm.Waterfalls are the best place to visit during summer.Travellers are advice to wear comfortable shoes during the tour and don't forget-umbrellas.

Travel during Winter
Winter is freezing cold.Travellers are advice to wear comfortable clothes and shoes during the Winter tour. Visiting Caves and site seeing are the best during winters.

How to reach Shillong

Air: Nearest Airport Umroi 35 km from from Kolkata and back on Monday/wednesday/Friday (Boing air alliance Flights- 50 seaters)
Rail:Nearest railway station Guwahati (103 km from Shillong).
Roads:NH-40 connects Shillong with Guwahati.


  1. As our tour package involves scenic beauties, view points for thunderous waterfalls, we would advise you to wear comfortable clothes and good footwear, ladies may avoid heels during the tours to spots. You may wear snickers instead.
  2. Temperature is moderate during summers and chilling cold during winters so we would advise you to carry some warm clothes such as sweaters, jackets, shawls etc.
  3. Take care of your belongings and children during the tour. Most of the spots involve a little walk make sure to be all together.
  4. Always be with our guide, if any doubts or question feel free to ask him/her.
  5. While travelling you are subjected to the local laws. Please follow them accordingly.
  6. Please carry a valid identity proof with you during the tour. There are some restricted area that require your identity proof.

  1. Do not litter in the spots. Dumping of any kind of garbage will not be entertained.
  2. Do not wander around the sights without the prior consent of our guide.
  3. Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the tour.
  4. Do not create nuisance in the spots of attraction.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before booking any tour packages

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