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Shillong the everygreen capital of Meghalaya known as “The Scotland of The East”given by the European who once settled in India and found Shillong as no less than a replica to Scotland because of the city’s rolling hills. This earned Shillong the name “Scotland of the East.” Shillong is primarily known for its climate, which differs itself from that of the rest of India. The city has a sub-tropical climate, thanks to its latitude and high elevation. Its summers are mild, while its winters are cold to bone chilling - a type of climate the rest of the country remains unfamiliar with. According to tourists who got to experience the pleasant climate and weather of Shillong, October to November, and March to April are the best times to pay a visit to this hill station.
If you ever have a wish to view Shillong or to capture its beauty panoramically, then brace yourself for a journey to the highest spot in the city - Shillong peak. Located at a mere 10 km drive from the main city.
Well, when there is travelling or exploration, there is food. And when it comes to Meghalaya or Shillong, nothing could be more unfair than not putting down a few words about its various kitchen delicacies. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, the natives have enough cooking tricks up their sleeves to suffice every kind of tastebud. So what’s on the menu? Well, we have decided to keep this part as a surprise for you. But, just not to be completely unfair, one of the best delicacies here are steamed momos. And they get even better when laced with the chutney made from red naga chilli. A fair warning though; this chilli is the world’s hottest pepper. So, if you love to wrestle your tongue with hot, spicy eye-watering recipes, then consider yourself in for a big fight with the king of peppers. Besides the famous tourist spots we just described, there are several more which you can explore, admire, and talk about. These include:

  • Iewduh
  • Cathedral
  • Wards Lake
  • Golf Course
  • Lady Hydri Park
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Bishop & Bedon Falls
  • Sweet Falls
  • Shillong Peak
  • They say that sometimes words alone are enough to describe things as small as an atom to ones as fathomless as the ocean. But then, nothing can beat the reality and tangibility of things that the eyes perceive and the mind absorbs. And among such things are Meghalaya and its beautiful capital city, Shillong. Spend a few weeks here, and you can boast that you were but one stone away from achieving nirvana.
    We have only shown you the tip of an iceberg through this brief write-up. To see, feel, and believe the incalculable beauty these places have to offer, you have to be there and see for yourself. See you there...

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